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This old man is approx 10-12 years old.  He has lost a couple homes now due to his frequent and LOUD talking.  Logan mostly talks when he is lonely or hungry.  Logan is very social and loves to sleep with his people.  Because of the number of cats we have Logan does not get to roam freely very often and does not get to sleep with a human every night here.  That is stressful to him and finding a safe home soon is vital to help him start to regain weight and condition.  Our queens are just too bossy and the kittens are too prone to unprovoked kung foo tackles for him to really relax.  Can you help Logan live out his golden years in peace? 

Logan has early stage kidney disease and is on a special diet.  He will need to stay on kidney diet for the rest of his life.  It has been a challenge to find a kidney diet that he will eat but we believe we have found the right one.  Logan's adoption fee will be waived to a home willing to provide the appropriate care.  He will come with kidney supplements and his Prescription diet.  He can go with or without Mya, the marble female he came in with, they don't seem to be concerned when they are apart but tolerate each other well. 

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