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Older Kittens and Retired Breeders!

Our older kittens come with the same great 2 year genetic guarantee as our older cats. Older kittens are kittens we held back to evaluate for the program or took back from their families due to unexpected events.

Retired breeders are generally queens that raised a few beautiful litters and are now looking for a couch to snuggle on. 

Updated 1/28/2024: We have 4 more females (8 months to 1 year) that we will be adding to this page as soon as we get pics.  They are spayed and chipped and ready to go!!

Prices Range from $500-$1000


      Birthdate: 03/16/2017                                                                                                                            READY TO GO!

Spayed  * UTD on Vaccines * Current on Revolution * Microchipped



Zuri is a very sweet girl with the most beautiful eyes.  They seem to shine! Zuri is a funny girl that loves to snuggle and also has a playful side.  Good with kids and dogs, can be dominant around other cats but could work with a low-key male.  



Zuri x Hero

      Birthdate: 08/17/2020                                                                                                                             READY TO GO!

Spayed 12/16/23  * UTD on Vaccines * Current on Revolution * Microchipped

Ready Now

Gorgeous lady


Prefers home with no other kitties or a low-key single cat companion.  She doesn't like pushy, overly playful, or dominant cats. 

Uma takes a moment to warm up to new folks but is a friendly and lovable cat that likes to chill in bed or watch TV.  She does like to do things on her terms so a home with young kids would be stressful.  She was never bred.

 Available as of 01/03/2024 $550

DOB 08/17/2020


The Riz
TigerLilly x Linnius

      Birthdate: 12/22/22                                                                                                                             READY TO GO!

Spayed  * UTD on Vaccines * Current on Revolution * Microchipped

Ready Now

This sweet girl knows she is special.  She expects everyone else to be on the same page!

The Riz is part of our current downsizing.  She has never been bred.  

 Available as of 01/03/2024 $650


Marasi (Cece) 
Artimus x Linnius

      Birthdate: 07/22                                                                                                                             READY TO GO!

Spayed  * UTD on Vaccines * Current on Revolution * Microchipped


If you made it this far you are looking for something special and let me tell you... you found it! 

Marasi is ALL bengal. If you hear people tell bengal stories then you KNOW all about Marasi.  Marasi will leap to your shoulder as you walk through the kitchen, Marasi will join you in the shower,  Marasi will take the food off your fork.  Marasi will murder your toilet paper and bring the mutilated tube to your pillow as a gift.  Marasi will lick your face like a dog, fetch, hunt your chickens, wrestle your german shepherd... 

 Marasi is ONLY for those that truly apricate all things bengal. 


Russian Import / TICA CHAMPION

      Birthdate: 04/2019                                                                                                                             READY TO GO!

Spayed  * UTD on Vaccines * Current on Revolution * Microchipped


Lyra is an absolutely beautiful lady that we imported all the way from Russia.  She has give us many wonderful kittens and is now looking to cuddle up in a warm bed or next to a fire and snuggle.  Lyra would be good for adults or older children.  She LOVES to be petted but can be a bit spicy to have things her way. She is fine with calm dogs that ignore her. She prefers male cat companions and can be dominant with females.

Lyra will jump on the bed and literally roll around next to you for attention.  She is a champion biscuit maker.  

We really love this cat and want her to go to a special home!

She was just spayed and had a lump removed from her shoulder caused by a melatonin implant but has recovered well and is looking for a place she can be the QUEEN she is.




Lyra X Hero

      Birthdate: 05/20                                                                                                                             READY TO GO!

Spayed  * UTD on Vaccines * Current on Revolution * Microchipped


Sakari is a wonderful sweet girl who raised several beautiful litters for us.  She is a big goofy girl that likes to snuggle and play. She is very smart and gets into things and will make her self at home right away.  She is easy going with kids and dogs and likes most other cats.  




Lyra x Linnius

      Birthdate: 04/23                                                                                                                           READY TO GO!

Neutered  * UTD on Vaccines * Current on Revolution * Microchipped


Asher is my big goofy boy.  He was born in April so still has some growing to do and is already a GIANT.  He is a wonderfully tempered and tolerant cat that will easily adapt to any home.  He is fine with dogs, other cats, kids, active lifestyles, or quiet lifestyles.

He does get some very entertaining zoomies where he runs a ninja warrior course that only he can see, but generally he is a couch potato/bed warmer.  

This boy has never met a stranger and truly is a jokester. I swear sometimes he has a sense of humor. We held him back for evaluation but neutered him months ago. I just haven't been ready to let him go.  


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