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Marvel is a gorgeous Que X Hero Daughter with amazing contrast.  She will produce charcoals when bred with Jango and just gave us an amazing and colorful litter. She has an amazing bold personality and is always up for adventure! 

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Zhara is our blue girl.  She is an ambassador for her color in TICA and a very solid cat.  She has great structure, really good contrast, and a golden personality.  Paired with Jango she can't produce blue but can give us some lovely silvers!

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QUE - Retired

Que is a sweet girl, loves cuddles, loves to ride in the car and meet new people, and couldn't be a better momma. 

She lives to fetch and will bring you toys to throw until you hide them from her!  

She is a huge girl and gives the boys a run for their money.  

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Our imported Silver girl LYRA is as friendly as she is gorgeous, and she is really gorgeous!  She earned her championship at her first show!  

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Zuri is queen of the house.  She loves to play and is confident and bold.  She greets the new arrivals, entertains the kids, and keeps the other cats in line.  She is a silly girl with a sense of humor.  
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IMG_2067 2.jpg

Cleopatra "Cleo"

- Retired

Cleo is a sweet girl who is very vocal.  She likes water, scratches, and playing with anything that wiggles!  She has nice rosettes and absolutely gorgeous HUGE green eyes.  

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