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Updated and Current 12/19/2023

Due to increased demand we have started a rescue/rehome section of our site. We are focused on bengals and half-bengals needing medical care and forever homes.  If you are needing to rehome your bengal please contact us to add their info.

Unless noted, the cats listed here are currently located here at Bespoke Bengals. If you are looking for a bengal kitten but don't have the funds for a purebred these babies are an amazing option. 


Pippin was born sometime in early August to a feral domestic shorthair mother and a bengal father.  He was given to us by a business owner that also gave us a litter of kittens born at his shop last year. Apparently a nearby resident does not contain their intact male bengal and it makes frequent visits and entertains his customers. We trapped and spayed his feral population last winter but at least two new ladies moved in. They have been spayed and released and Pippin is the last of their kittens needing a home.

Pippin can be a bit reserved with new people but only until he gets to know them. After that he is a BIG snuggler. He is good with kids, dogs, and other cats. 



Kona is a rescue that we placed in December of 2022.  We didn't properly screen because her owner decided he didn't have time for her and asked if we would take her back.  When she arrived we found she had been declawed on all our feet.  She seems to have healed well with no complications but could of course get arthritis as she gets older.  

She remains a sweet and easy going cat that would do well with kids, dogs, or really most households. She has to be kept away from our breeders so she is feeling isolated and would LOVE a home where she could be part of the family again.  

ADOPTED | Spayed, chipped, declawed, and UTD


More Pictures



Oldies but Goodies

Maya is 10 or more years old and wants nothing more than a home without other cats or young kids. She is fine will chill dogs though!  She is very vocal and needy. She just wants a warm lap and all the cuddles.  True to bengal form Maya sometimes swims in her water dish.  Maya likes being with her people and would prefer to be with a retired couple or someone that works at home but is ok as long as she isn't isolated.  Maya is having a very hard time here because she does NOT feel safe around out cats. We would love to place her!  

$150 Adoption Fee

FEE Waived!!

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